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As the questions come in, we'll be sure to continue listing the common ones here. If there's a specific question not found, please send an email stating your question to HELLO@JEGMAN.COM and we'll be sure to answer away...

      • How narrow are our ties?

Just to give you a benchmark, a traditional neck tie measures round 3.5 inches. Our ties measure 2.75 inches in width. This sweet spot gives a man the perfect versatility needed to wear our tie on that first date or for that all so important business meeting.

      • Should our ties be worn more on the casual side or formal?

We'll leave this answer entirely up to you! But we'll say this, our design team focused on creating styles that can work with jeans, khakis, dress pants, vests, dress shirts, sweater, blazers, suits and even some for tuxedos. The spectrum is covered, now it's up to you to decide. There's no wrong way to wear our ties. We would love to see how you piece together your outfits with our ties, feel free to send us pictures.

      • How long will our current tie collection be on sale?

The current collection will last until inventory is no longer or until the end of this Fall season, whichever comes first. We like to think of our collection as collector items, so act fast. Start here...

      • Do we ship internationally?

But of course! Any place in the world that has a physical address our mail carriers will deliver. No place is too far. Upon checkout, please make sure the address is correct. The more information the merrier. Warning, for those residing in Antartica or the North Pole, please allow a bit more time for shipping.

      • Will our ties soon be available in retail stores?

Yes, indeed. But first, we would like to take our time to develop a relationship with our customers. Given our position on being unique, we want to selectively place our tie collection in stores that get our mission. we're not looking to flood the market because then your tie is no longer unique. Stay tuned, work in progress... If you're looking to start a wholesale account (see details).

      • How do I clean and care for my ties?

Our ties are made with delicate silk fabric, do not place in washer machines and do not attempt to iron. DRY CLEAN ONLY (and only if need be). Unfortunately, we all have clumsy moments. If you happen to spill something or stain the tie, first try blotting the affected area with a tissue or handkerchief. Do not rub, blot it. If this doesn't work, water and a hair-dryer might do the trick... but be warned, it could potentially shrink the tie. Dry cleaning and other forms of washing could potentially reduce the sheen of the tie and its overall luster. Most guys rarely wash their ties, hopefully, you won't have to either. 

      • What should I do if I received a tie with a short or long line of thread hanging out?

No worries, this is just the sign of honest hand craftsmanship. Because all of our ties are made by hand, this is completely natural. We double check to make sure this does not occur. However, if it does, simply cut the thread with scissors as close as possible to the tie without cutting the tie itself. Do not pull or yank the thread out. In the rare case the thread is unbearable, we'll be happy to return or exchange (see details). 

      • What's the best knot to tie for our collection?

This is entirely up to you. Of the more classic knots, you can choose to use the four-in-hand knot, the half-Windsor knot, the Windsor knot or the Pratt knot. Each occasion and dress shirt calls for a different tie knot. We suggest learning how to tie the four classic knots and then deciding which suits you the best. Each neck has a personality of its own. Trick... to get that perfect knot, sometimes it helps to slightly stretch the fabric if need be (be gentle).

      • Will our ties fit taller gentlemen?

The length of our ties measure exactly 58 inches long. Jason (our Founder) is 6'2" and the ties fit him with ease. Anyone shorter will have no problems. For those blessed with higher heights, it all depends on how tall you are and the size of your neck. Shoot us an email and we'll be glad to ship you a sample to try on.

      • Do we have plans to expand our line to include bow ties?

If that's what you want, just say the words. Provided the right response, we see no reason not to. In the mean time, please check out the closest hybrid we have of a "Bow Tie".

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