September 23 2013 Monday at 03:47 PM

R.I.P. Logo

Notice anything different lately? Recently, we made a slight change to our logo. The name and the font remains the same (except some minor kerning tweaks), but a certain someone is now gone. We decided to retire "the man" in an effort to simplify our brand's look and because, quite frankly, it might have confused a few of you. Sorry for that! Going forward, our logo will still represent the same mission we've had from the very beginning... respecting a man's individuality by helping him dress his personality. During our first year, the retired logo represented and served us well. Not all change is good, but this one is... HELLO to the new!


(our new tie collection will have updated labels and tie boxes with our new logo)


(remaining inventory from our first collection will still have the retired logo):