September 08 2013 Sunday at 11:54 AM

Featured Across The Pond...

After running a sale on Fab, an editor from insideKENT magazine discovered our tie collection. She loved the designs so much she asked us to send over samples immediately. That we did! Known as the premiere luxury lifestyle magazine for Kent (located just outside of London, UK), we were absolutely thrilled to share our collection with their readers from across the pond. Even more exciting, jegman now has something in common with William & Kate and their royal baby. This is a fine example of six degrees of separation. Now... how do we get Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, to wear one of our ties? Please send your suggestions.

Cheers to the team and readers of insideKENT! If you want to see more of the magazine's Sept/Oct 2013 issue, click here. You'll find us on page 70.