July 01 2013 Monday at 11:08 AM

Sapeurs... The Dandies of Congo's Fashion Scene

Over the weekend, we learned a new word... SAPEURS. Before we tell you the meaning, try taking a guess... No worries, we had no idea until after reading CNN's recent article titled, "Dedicated Followers of Fashion: Congo's Designer Dandies". In a time where most dress for status, it was refreshing to learn about a group of men that passionately dress and express themselves with a wide range of color and with a unique touch of styling. In short, sapeurs have turned the act of dressing up into an artform. Even more fascinating is the location of where this subculture resides, in the Congo. Despite working menial jobs, they somehow find ways to get their hands on expensive European designer labels that most fashionistos would kill for. Although almost a century ago, it reminds us of the fashion trends that emerged during the Harlem Renaissance. 

If you're interested in seeing more photography of these dapper dandies and learning more about their culture, check out Daniele Tamagni's book called the "Gentlemen of Bacongo". Warning, you might have to save up for the book but we're sure it's worth it!

Source: CNN Inside Africa (by Mark Tutton)