January 10 2013 Thursday at 01:31 PM

Happy Tie Year!

Dear 2012,

In January of last year, a small team committed to the creation and eventual launch of jegman. What started out as a scary but exciting experience has now proved to be something worth continuing (and then some). If we haven't yet thanked you for your support, well, THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

Last year would not have been possible without contributions from those who inspired us, our designers, manufacturing reps, line workers, lawyers, boutique owners, online retailers, event planners, partners, advisers, bloggers, family, friends and, most importantly, our customers. As we continue to grow our business, we hope to do so in such a fashion that is both respected, desired and received with absolute satisfaction. Despite a few lessons along the way, we're definitely learning on the fly and constantly seeking new ways to enhance our product and customer's experience. If we've missed anything, please feel free to send us your feedback.

Cheers to the future, men's ties, your necks and our quest to persuade men to dress with more personality. Also, many thanks to our customers that sent us pics of their family members wearing our ties for the holidays. Thanks to all!



Hello 2013... 

Happy New Year!