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Men's Visual Guide for Suits and Shoes

For those men who need a little help planning their suit game... However, we think breaking these rules should be a rule too ;) More details, guidance and conversation can be found via reddit:

Founder Talk - Black History Month 2014

Our Founder was invited to speak on Babson TV (via Babson College) about his growing business and his take on entrepreneurship as it applies to African-Americans... but really, for everyone!


Tie Mathematics

In the words of

"Two physicists prove that there are not just four ways to tie a tie, but a further 81. Tie Knots unravels the history of ties, the story of the discovery of the new knots and some very elegant mathematics in action. If Einstein had been left alone in Tie Rack for long enough perhaps he would have worked it out : why do people tie their ties in only 4 ways? And how many other possibilities are there? Two Cambridge University physicists, research fellows working from the Cavendish laboratories, have discovered via a recherche branch of mathematics - knot theory - that although only four knots are traditionally used in tying neck ties another 81 exist. This is the story of their discovery, of the history of neck ties and of the equations that express whether a tie is handsome or not. Of the 81 new knots, 6 are practical and elegant. We now have somewhere else to go after the Pratt, the Four-in-Hand, the Full and Half Windsor. Sartorial stylishness is wrapped effortlessly around popular mathematics. A concept developed to describe the movement of gas molecules - the notion of persistent walks around a triangular lattice - also describes the options for tie tying. Pure maths becomes pure fashion in a delightfully designed little package from Fourth Estate."

Latest update, supposedly, there's now 177,000 ways to tie a tie. If you have the time, let us know how the knots pan out:

Worth reading!

Washio Your Ties Away

In the overwhelming world of smartphone apps, one can easily get "washed" away with the infinite amount of options available. For the sake of adding yet another app to your screen, we found one you might actually appreciate. Need to wash those dirty ties of yours, use Washio. A customer recently informed us of Washio's services and we were instantly impressed. Picked up at your front door, expedited service, competitive prices, delivered back to your front door and all for 5 bucks... not bad, not bad at all. 

Give the Gift of Choice

$25, $50, $100, or $200, your choice! After months of your requests, we finally figured out how to offer gift cards (the secure way). Pardon us for our ignorance and delay. The wait is no longer. Today and everyday, you'll have the option to give the gift of choice. For those in need of ties or tools to aid their personalities, consider this gift card as the perfect present. Click HERE for more details.


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